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"It’s clear that his mission is to nourish us with his musical talents whilst encouraging us to question our philosophies and cultural identities. Through his work with talented musicians who are visiting Goa from Spain, India, U.K and Germany, amongst others, Santiago leads us on a journey to discover what it is to be “beyond culture, races and religion” and to “surrender into the beauty of music.” This remarkable man manages to cross the boundaries of geography to integrate us all into his wonderful world of music, philosophy and religious experience..."

Goa Streets

"This rich legacy is the primary context for the intriguing start-up Ketevan World Sacred Music Festival, the brainchild of the boundlessly dynamic “Maestro” Santiago Lusardi Girelli, who occupies the Anthony Gonsalves Chair in Western Music, at Goa University. Their efforts have grown organically from the remarkable Goa University Choir, which started from scratch and grew to startling excellence under Girelli’s tutelage."

"The most significant movement has galvanized around the presence of Maestro Girelli, a musician, conductor and musicologist of rare calibre, and dynamo of activity, who has generated a series of positive developments in his wake. Foremost amongst these is the Goa University choir, which has accelerated from nothing to national significance in just a couple of years. Its concerts have become unmissable events, meticulously conceived and executed, with highly ambitious programmes that span the gamut from sacred to contemporary, routinely incorporating several languages in its repertoire. It has been highly impressive to witness lives being transformed by being in the choir, with terrific spillover effects for the overall quality of classical music in the state."

Times of India