"What happens when an unprivileged child enters the world of art?

A world is born in which his material poverty begins to be overcome by the immaterial wealth that art makes sprout his human heart."



G R U P O - D E - C O O P E R A C I O N

Our group entitled Social Development Through Art aims to promote the access of children and young people from southern countries to an artistic-musical formation that allows them to enhance and enrich their own lives through artistic and human formation, also collaborating in the construction of a more just and balanced society.



Our cooperation group was born out of the experience lived by some of its members in the Bolivian Amazon, Argentina, Venezuela and Peru where we work as cooperators of the AECID, the CAF and the IDB within the Venezuelan program of orchestras called El Sistema: a project for the systematization of instruction and the collective practice of music through the symphony orchestra and the choir as instruments of social organization and community development.


These educational-musical systems are the quarry of thousands of children, adolescents and young people from marginal regions who achieve personal and professional fulfillment through music. Our group works in collaboration with the local agents in the formation and specialization of the body of teachers and the musicians in charge of the groups. By inserting ourselves directly into the programs, we work in parallel with the children and youth, sharing our experience and strengthening their training by holding workshops and courses. Through joint work with the local entity, we diagram and manage pedagogical programs, as well as projects to expand and disseminate the system.


Since its formation, the group has carried out two projects during the months of July and August 2011 and 2012 in the Bolivian Amazon, La Paz and El Cuzco thanks to the incalculable support of the Cooperation Office of the University of Seville. We have mobilized cooperators in stays of 45 to 50 days approximately. During these periods we have worked together with local entities collaborating in the training and specialization of their young teachers and children, collecting unforgettable experiences and great human, artistic and social value.


In the past, the mission of art was a minority issue for minorities, then it was minorities for the majority; now, it is of the majorities for the majorities, and constitutes a relevant element for the formation of the individual that allows him to insert himself into society in a productive way.

Some videos and interviews of our last projects in the Bolivian Amazonas